Michelle Young

is a designer passionate about communicating ideas and stories to develop meaningful experiences and spark joy  ☻

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⤳ product design, ux/ui, data visualization, visual identity

Communication through Intertwined Connections

Bringing people together through longing for communication and methods of conveying thoughts.



⤳ ui/ux, interaction design, product design, visual identity

Delivering the Delight of Memory

A digital time capsule app that encourages users to cherish their precious moments.



⤳ product design, user testing, ux/ui, visual identity

Take Tait on Your Fitness Journey

An interactive app that enhances the fitness experience at the Tait Mckenzie Fitness Centre.


Celebration of Light

⤳ visual identity, digital design, print design, ux/ui

Experience the wonder

A rebrand of the Honda Celebration of Light capturing the experience of the fireworks, the energy and the memories that take place during the festival.


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