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⤳ product design, design system

The new way companies stay safe

Helping to prevent accidents in the workplace by predicting hazards and and helping employees understand how to reduce risk before they encounter it. 


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⤳ visual identity, digital design, print design, ux/ui

Helping your employees thrive

A digital mental health and wellbeing platform that helps best-in-class employers keep their employees present, healthy and thriving.


✦  work under NDA

Blache Yong & Co

⤳  ux/ui, design system

We drive innovation through design and UX

UX/UI design studio working in collaboration with clients to define and design customer experiences that deliver and delight.



⤳  product design, interaction design, visual identity

Delivering the delight of memory

A digital time capsule app that encourages users to cherish their precious moments.



⤳ product design, user testing, ux/ui, visual identity

Take Tait on your fitness journey

An interactive app that enhances the fitness experience at the Tait Mckenzie Fitness Centre.


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