Golden Dreaming

This screen print features a gold pigment ink on paper which references Edgar Allan Poe’s “A Dream Within A Dream”. 

It features imagery with dreamlike floating clouds, sparkles, gingko leaves and eyes which came to me while sketching the night before screen printing. I was reflecting upon my life, and reality - when a memory of childhood popped up. This consisted of the yard during elementary when there was a bunch of gingko trees around logs, the sky was brilliant and fluffy clouds floated by. I wanted to show the eyes that could have been watching over me if perhaps life was simply a simulation, and the shiny and happy gold colour to show the vibrancy of that memory. 

Sweet Nostalgia

This poster features the lyrics from Glass Animals' song “Season 2 Episode 3” and includes the lyrics from verse 3 “She’s drunk on old cartoons/ Liquid TV afternoons/Sometimes it makes me laugh/ Sometimes it makes me sad” which was the main focus and additionally the chorus “Don’t you need me/ Oh baby boy/Cause I’m so happy/Without your noise” plus credits to the artist. 

I arranged the main lyrics in a vertical transitional layout and the illustrated elements in a random pattern. I chose to use Futura, a geometric sans serif, as a basis for the typography for the very circular bowls and the smooth equal width of the sans-serif. To further alter the characteristics, I chose to thin the ascenders and angle them similar to the sharp apexes and vertexes in the typeface. Another element I added was the yellow circles included inside the bowls placed in a nonsensical fashion which imitates googly eyes. 

The colour scheme came from the nostalgic factor of the song, I felt that the bright artificial and enticing popsicle colours were suitable for the happy tone with the underlying sadness.The melting/dripping of the colours conveyed the fluidity and relaxed mood. The small illustrations lend to the meaning within the poster by introducing elements that reflect the “she” in the song, they also help guide the viewers eye through the poster to follow the text.

Jazz Legends Lecture Series: Duke Ellington 

I used abstracted and simplified forms of instruments included in Ellington’s orchestra filled with a solid vibrant colour contrasting with the black background and white text. 

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