One Out

An interactive light toy on Arduino. One Out is a game inspired by the games of spot the difference and whack a mole, which tests the players reaction time in the visual and physical sense. 

The user must click the corresponding TACT switch to the RGB LED whose colour does not match the other two in a give period of time.The game is programmed into three levels in increasing difficulty (easy, medium and hard), the response time given to the player is shortened and the difference in colours become harder to see. When the player successfully presses the correct switch, the RGB LEDs blink green three times and if they don’t the game will continue to the next level. The user is aware that the game is over when the RGB LEDs cycle through blinking red, green and blue twice.

Sea Me Typeface 

Sea Me is based off of the cryptoid the Ayia Napa Sea Monster - which is a friendly sea monster said to be seen from the coast of Cyprus in Greece said to have a “monstrous form of a giant maiden in torso, with a serpent for its lower body, having six snarling dog-heads issuing from its midriff, including their twelve forelimbs”. 

I chose to represent this monster using multiple extenders and descenders, rounding to be friendly and directions to be splayed like the heads of the monster, adding texture of the sea monster and having it be slightly wispy as it has never been found.

What Is Happening?

Code that reacts visually based on audio input.

Using Format