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Take Tait on your fitness journey!

An interactive app that enhances the fitness experience at the Tait Mckenzie Fitness Centre.

Timeframe   3 Months

Tools  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Invision

Role  Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Testing, User Interviews

Team  Lara Calucag, Katreena Dalisay, Michelle Young


"How might we enhance the user experience at the Tait McKenzie Fitness Centre?"


The lack of organization and student awareness of the facility services and fitness classes that the centre offers, that can lead to frustration. It will also address the low involvement of students in programs less related to physical activity.


Provide students with a tracking and goal-oriented database that illustrates the user’s progress through user inputs and health analytics. Ease of access to activity schedule times and sign ups to be added to a personal calendar. Through filters and user input the system will be able to tailor recommended activities and challenges to the user’s preferences and goals. Gamify the experience of working out, achieving goals, and involvement in the fitness community through a point system.


With the existing fitness apps in mind, we wanted to understand what the users would find useful and applicable to Tait McKenzie Centre. 

Through conducting an AEIOU site analysis, performing a benchmark analysis, and using the DECIDE framework we were able to have an idea of what users would find beneficial. We created the list of requirements, a system map and use cases.

Guidelines synthesized

  • List of requirements
  • System map
  • Use cases
  • User flows

Key questions

  • What aspects of human health and fitness do people care about? 
  • What do users want to see first when accessing the app? 
  • What can we do to motivate the users?

Visual design

Due to the nature of the app, we wanted to choose elements which would elevate the overall friendliness and energetic approach. In order to communicate the overall tone we used:

  • DIN pro round, an open rounded sans-serif typeface, throughout for consistency and readability for the users
  • Vibrant tones of blue, yellow, green and purple which were linked to specific pages for easier identification of the user's location and the addition of the red accent colour used for buttons.

User testing

We conducted user testing to assess what was successful, unsuccessful and common problems users had while navigating the application. 


  • Pre-questionnaire - basic information about the participants and fitness related questions
  • Thinking aloud testtask based user testing using digital prototype with iphone of 6 use cases
  • Post-questionnaireevaluation of the user’s experience using the prototype - interface, usability and satistfaction, negatives and positives, suggestions

User statistics

  • 6 participants — 18-24, equal male to female
  • 4/6 Tait McKenzie users
  • Self-assessed fitness levels : 2 High, 2 Moderate and 2 Novice


Analysis & implementation

Through our user testing questionnaires, we also gathered information about what users enjoyed/felt positively about and what users disliked or would like to change in the app. We analysed what these results and thought of recommended ways we could improve the app then implemented the changes.

User testing data analysis

We visualised the data collected through the questions asked on the post- user testing questionnaire about the interface and usability, analyzed the information then implemented solutions. Through the gathered data we were able to identify the pain points and what was done well.

Areas of improvement

  • The app's flexibility
  • The clarity of the sequence of screens
  • The ease of completing tasks
  • The ease of learning to operate the system

Successful elements

  • The legibility of characters on the screen
  • The simplicity and naturalness of dialogue
  • The consistency of terms throughout the system
  • The friendliness of the app

Implemented solutions

Following the analysis we implemented improvements in aspects that were pain points during the user testing and details we noticed as a team.


Video walkthrough

We created a walkthrough video of TaitGO's features, leading the viewer through our 6 use cases of: account creation, home page customisation, viewing the Tait McKenzie schedule and adding a class, viewing the fitness tracker, the community page then adding user goals.

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