Hi, nice to meet you!

I’m a Toronto based designer studying at York University and Sheridan College, and was previously at Hochschule Darmstadt, passionate about communicating ideas and stories to develop meaningful experience. My approach in design mixes research, play and exploration - my curiosity drives me to ask questions, look for challenges, and engage in design thinking, I then play with and explores possible avenues of dissemination, visual outcomes, and potential solutions. Through my practice in design, I hope to focus on how we are able to make a positive impact on everyday life and spark joy.

I'm a curious creative thinker always looking to learn and grow currently looking for opportunities in 2019.

Have some sweet puns to share or want to chat? Feel free to say hi 


Recent Shows

☞ "Swash & Serif 4" Toronto Design Directory, Toronto 2018

☞ "Sommer Ausstellung" H_da, Darmstadt 2018

☞ "Face Off Exhibition" Pictoplasma, Berlin 2018

☞ "Undergraduate Research Fair" York University, Toronto 2018

Current Interests

Experimental typeface design


Cat videos

Bullet Journaling


Using Format