Celebration of Light

Experience the wonder

A rebrand of the Honda Celebration of Light capturing the experience of the fireworks, the energy and the memories that take place during the festival.

→ branding, digital design, print design


September 2017 - December 2017 (4 months)


Adobe Illustrator,  Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign


Research, Reposition, Strategy & Design



The Celebration of Light festival is held in every summer in Vancouver, Canada at English Bay around the end of July and beginning of August. During three nights firework shows are being performed by three teams hailing from different countries in a competition to have the most spectacular display of fireworks and music, attracting visitors of all ages and all localities.


Design System Applications

For the festival setting the identity would be applied to promotional posters, the website on both desktops and mobile plus a program booklet handed out during the event.


My design objectives are to have a consistent identity which emphasizes the friendly and excitement filled event, it should appeal and captivate many demographics. The content must also be bilingual in Canada's languages of English and French.


Visual Design — Mood Boards

Once my key words were established, I created three mood boards from the words energy, vivid and wonder. I focused less on the overall colours and imagery, and more on the images expressing the words and relating to the festival itself.

Energy Mood Board

Vivid Mood Board

Wonder Mood Board


Poster — Ideation & Digitalization

The three main concepts which I sketched out then created digitally were a symbolic approach, a typographic approach and an abstract approach.The symbolic approach was to put an emphasis on vivacity , using the “overwhelm the eye” visual strategy in repetition of objects of importance to the festival and bubbly illustrations. The typographic focused approach was using text as image with reflections of text to become the fireworks and reflections in the English Bay. The abstract approach was to emphasis the energy of the festival capturing the explosion of fireworks in simple shapes.


Final Poster

The concept I chose to continue was the typographic approach with the reflection of the “fireworks” on the top and bottom with outlined text.

I relocated the logo and text lockup and dates placed in the center of the poster along with a circle closing the information up in a loop, leading the the viewer’s eyes remaining in the middle.

The colourful abstract fireworks display show the movement of being shot up along with the ephemerality of moment. The small hairline sparks of the fireworks add to the pathways possible for the fireworks and add more interest when the poster is printed to a larger size.


Web & Mobile — Development

Taking the poster’s theme and concept to web & mobile, I found was a little awkward as the poster consisted solely of typography and graphics while the website would need to include photographs. When looking at the festival’s website, something that I wanted to improve was the navigation feature. The navigation only displays about us and partners, when there is a lot more information available to people interested in the festival. In regards to the colour scheme and typography I kept it within the elements already established in the poster, with Proxima Nova and the 6 colours.


Final Web & Mobile

The finalized web & mobile was designed to have both required languages of English and French and have the user be able to change between each without having to return to the splash page. It also added more categories for information such as a section for press and organizes them so the user is able to see all the categories at once.I wanted the navigation be a pop-out reflecting the fun of the festival and fun of exploding fireworks. This would open when clicking the logo, the circle expanding over the screen. 

In regards to the colour scheme and typography I kept it within the elements already established in the poster, then I altered it slightly based on changes made in the program for the festival. This included the addition of Avenir for larger bodies of text and the assignment of colours representing a certain element of the festival (i.e orange for fireworks, blue for entertainment) and the introduction to duotone imagery to the colours.


Program — Ideation & Digitalization

In regards to the colour scheme and typography I kept it within the elements already established in the poster and website with the addition of a serif typeface for French. I also wanted to have the program be more colourful and to have the coordinating sections easily identifiable.

Final Program

I chose to incorporate the colours by creating duotone imagery, along with adding the fireworks in the corresponding colour to strengthen the idea and tie it with the identity of the Celebration of Light. I think the usage of the bright hi-light colours with the contrast of the black and white made the layout more interesting and less stiff. Repeating elements such as the slashes, overlapping of imagery and text and the asymmetrical alignment of text created a more energetic looking layout versus the justified margins of my previous design.


Using Format