Michelle Young 

is a designer passionate about communicating ideas and stories to develop meaningful experiences and spark joy ☻


Hi, I'm Michelle (or Mich). Nice to meet you!! ✿

I’m a Toronto based designer currently at Opslock, previously studying at York University/Sheridan College and Hochschule Darmstadt.

I'm interested in creating and collaborating in UX/UI and visual identity design to develop meaningful experiences plus communicate ideas and stories. Through my practice in design, I hope to focus on how we are able to make a positive impact on everyday life. My approach in design mixes research, play and exploration - my curiosity drives me to ask questions, look for challenges, and engage in design thinking, I then play with and explore possible avenues of dissemination, visual outcomes, and potential solutions. 

Have some sweet puns to share or want to chat about a cool idea? Feel free to say hi ✎ or find me elsewhere ☟✌!